Secrets to Building Links for Your Website

Link building has been in the gray area of online marketing for some time now. We know that it’s good for SEO, but we also know Google hates it when it’s manipulated. Because of this, there’s a thin line between ethical link building and flat out spamming. You don’t have to be a professional SEO service expert to know that Google has high standards (aka algorithms).

Determining how to successfully use link building to boost your SEO is essential. This is where a professional who offers SEO services would become useful. You really only have two options – to wait for others to link to your content or to build links yourself. But before you start engaging in any link building strategy, make sure you’re doing things the right way, so you don’t end up penalized!

Balancing Link-Earning and Link-Building

It’s important for your link building plan to consist of a healthy balance of link-building and link-earning. The difference between the two is simple – building links is when you actively engage with others to get them to link to your content and earning links is when people do it on their own (without you asking).

Either way, you’re going to need some pretty great content to link to, so your content marketing strategy really needs to be up to par. Some of the ways you can successfully pull off this balance is to focus on writing thoughtful, well-written guest posts that adds value to sites and its visitors. Your link will be included in these posts, helping to drive traffic to your site and boosting your link profile.

Link-Earning Alone Isn’t Enough

There are three major reasons why link-earning alone isn’t going to cut it:

It’s inconsistent (no matter how great your content is, it won’t guarantee shares)
No control (you won’t have any say in who shares your links, which can be a very bad thing)
It’s slow (you’re at the mercy of others sharing your content, which may or may not happen at the speed you want it to)
Social Media is a Must

All links count towards driving up your traffic and SEO, especially when it comes to social media. This is an excellent place to start building links for your website. If you can gain a good solid following, you can get people to share your links, further boosting your reach and visibility. You can work with marketing companies that offer social media management services.

Don’t allow Google’s threats of penalties to deter you from building and executing a great link building strategy. Consult with a professional SEO service provider to see how you can put together a content marketing and social media marketing strategy that really rocks!

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